Revolution Climbing Centre Rules

Revolution is an indoor Climbing Centre and Skatepark. Catering for all types of indoor climbing from bouldering, top rope, lead and much more. We also have a large skatepark for Skateboards, BMX, Rollerblades and Scooters, located in Broadstairs, Kent, England. As well as having a premium Climb, Skate and Surf shop we also offer lessons, parties and activity sessions for all ages and abilities.

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Climbing Centre Rules

A climbing centre such as Revolution can be a dangerous environment but by following the safety guidelines below you can minimise the dangers.

BMC Participant Statement.
“The British Mountaineering Council recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions and involvement.


1)You are responsible for your own safety and shall not act in a way that may cause injury to yourself or others.

2)Ensure no one is above you before climbing. Take extra care when entering the cave area that no one is on the ceiling. When resting, please do not sit under the walls but use the areas provided.

3)Bouldering is only recommended from a low (safe) height as advised on your first visit by Revolution Staff. Revolution will not be held responsible for any accidents/injuries from a climber who has been bouldering to high.

4)Bouldering is not permitted past the white lines painted around the centre.

5)The soft matting is provided for your safety but will not always prevent injury. NEVER jump from the walls, always climb down in a controlled manner.



1)Anyone using a rope must become a registered user who has been signed off by a member of staff. A good code of practice must be observed at all times. Failure to do so will result in the user being asked to stop what they are doing.

2)Revolution staff are obliged to comment on your climbing or belaying if they see or are advised of any problems that may arise from your technique.

3)Before lowering off, ensure that there is no one is below you.

4)Abseiling at speed is not advised.

5)Belaying is only permitted from a standing position. Body belaying is not allowed.

6)Lead climbers shall clip into every anchor point to reduce the risk of a ground fall.


1)All climbers must complete a consent form on their first visit. All under 16’s MUST have their form signed by a parent or guardian.

2)All under 7’s must be supervised by a parent or guardian whilst in the climbing centre.

3)Only climb on designated climbing surfaces, not on any supporting structures, roof beams or any other parts of the building not specifically designed for climbing.

4)Never tamper with or move any of the holds. Be aware that holds may spin. You must report any loose holds to a member of staff immediately.

5)Revolution operates a no smoking policy throughout the complex.

6)No running or jumping whilst within the climbing centre.

7)Anyone deemed intoxicated in any way will not be allowed to use the climbing centre.

8)Drugs and alcohol are strictly forbidden anywhere on the Revolution complex.

9)Revolution is not responsible for any loss or damage to equipment whilst using this facility.

10)Personal belonging must be kept in lockers. (provided free)

11)Long hair must be tied away with a band or suitable hat whilst climbing.

12)Shouting or abusive language will not be tolerated within any of the Revolution facilities.


If you do not use these guidelines, you may be asked to leave the climbing centre by a member of staff. Please ask a member of staff if you have any questions or problems relating to the climbing centre.